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Our range of online training, in person and virtual workshops help you to secure your family's financial future through legacy, lifestyle and retirement planning.

With more than 14 years experience in finance and over $100 million in loans written, we're here to help you propel your family's long term wealth in a forward trajectory, talk to us today about how we can help you improve your family's financial fitness!

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Our range of online training, in person and virtual workshops help you to secure your family's financial future through legacy, lifestyle and retirement planning.

With more than 14 years experience in finance and over $100 million in loans written, we're here to help you propel your family's long term wealth in a forward trajectory, talk to us today about how we can help you improve your family's financial fitness!

If Family Is Important To You

And you want to explore options for building long term wealth for your partner and children, then you have come to the right website!

Secure Your Family's Financial Future

Some questions you must consider…

  • Do you have a family or are you planning to start one?
  • Are you worried that you can’t live the lifestyle that you want?
  • How will you pay for your family’s cost of living, healthcare, education, etc?
  • Can you afford enough fun activities e.g. holidays etc?
  • Do you believe that you will leave your family with enough?
  • What will your legacy be?
Craig And Jane

Craig & Jane

  • Later stages of their careers
  • Teenage children
  • Planning their retirement and making sure that they are not burdened by debt

Craig and Jane are at the later stages of their careers. Their children are teenagers, all close to finishing high school. As their children's education comes to a close and Craig and Jane approach financial independence, they are now focusing on planning their retirement and making sure that they're not burdened by debt. Nieuvision advised Craig and Jane to buy a low-maintenance investment property to suit their busy lifestyle and provide a stable income for their future. They were able to do so without spending all of their savings on a down payment. We recommended the best areas to buy, how to minimise the tax that they paid, and assisted them in creating a financial plan to manage the property. Nieuvision's property management team were employed to liaise with tenants and deal with any legal issues raised, ensuring Craig and Jane had the freedom they needed to make it work, and allowed plenty of time to spend with their kids. They can now rest easy, knowing that they have a stable income source for their retirement. They are paying only a small amount of tax, and have a high-value asset in case of a an emergency.

Craig & Jane

Investing in property is still the number one way to build long term wealth, however there are many challenges…

The Biggest Issue In Purchasing Properties Happening Now!

If you’re looking or thinking about buying property there are some cold hard truths you need to know.

Keep reading to learn more about the biggest issue in purchasing properties happening right now…

The number one biggest issue for many people is lacking a sense of purpose.

And the reason why most people lack purpose is because they don’t have a plan.

What is your purpose?

• Why are you buying this property and how is it going to solve your problem?

• Did you know that most people are going to be well short of their retirement goals?

• Did you know that most people underestimate how much they will need at retirement?

Daryl And Tina

Daryl & Tina

  • Never owned an investment property before
  • Self employed
  • Thought that their age would be a barrier

Daryl and Tina had never owned an investment property before. They were both self-employed and thought that their age would be a barrier to their ability to invest despite substantial savings in the bank. They came to Nieuvision hoping to build a property portfolio to suit their retirement needs, so that they could have a safe and reliable investment that grows in value each year. We showed them finance options for the self-employed and created a property acquisition plan. They have since been able to expand their property portfolio to three properties – meaning that they now have assets which provide them a weekly income, continue to grow in value, and help them to keep their tax as low as possible.

Daryl & Tina

Your Magic Number For Family Income And Retirement

How much income wise do you need for your family and after retirement?

At what age are you going to retire?

And how are you going to get there?

This is embarrassing but people often sell themselves too short – relying on the aged pension for retirement.

If you are looking to retire with your family income of $100k or more, you are most likely going to require at least two million dollars.

We can help you with this, we have a free estimator.

Being short could mean surgeries needing to be postponed.

Did you know that knee replacements cost $35,000 in cash?

If you don’t have cash you will be walking around for a minimum of 3 years in pain!

However structure your plan right and this could be easily resolved.

We’ve had clients come to us not wanting their $100k family income reducing to $25k when they retire.

If this is you, we can assist and it may be a lot easier than what you think.

Matt And Nancy

Matt & Nancy

  • Taught to fear debt
  • Apprehensive about taking on debt to finance a new investment
  • Extremely nervous about buying another property

Matt and Nancy were in a solid financial position, having nearly paid off their mortgage on their first home. They had been taught to fear debt and were apprehensive about taking on debt to finance a new investment. They didn't realise that debt is not always a bad thing, and that it can be used to lower the tax that they were paying, and to accumulate assets for retirement. Despite wanting to ensure financial strength and a comfortable retirement, Nancy was extremely nervous
at the thought of buying another property. With our help, Matt and Nancy realised the importance of retirement planning as early as possible. Nieuvision showed them the benefits of going into short-term debt in order to make long-term gains. Now they're making a steady weekly income from their property investments and are saving $15,000 a year in tax. After investing in another home, Nancy is convinced of property investment and looking forward to buying a second investment property as soon as possible.

Matt & Nancy

Buying Property? Here's How We Can Help You

Whilst some companies will push you into what they are selling, we take a holistic view to your finances and plans.

Our easy to follow process designed by a qualified accountant with over 20 years of financial experience will encompass everything.

We start by discussing your goals and plans.

From there working out what your “magic” number is for retirement – to retire sooner or for your own legacy?

We all have different reasons.

Setting out a custom plan to take you on that journey with our lifestyle planner.

Implement tax effective strategies to put more money in your pocket.

Gavin, Bob And Grace

Gavin, Bob & Grace

  • Gavin was 21 and working two jobs
  • Bob & Grace wanted to help their son buy investment property
  • Wanted help developing a comprehensive plan

Gavin came to Nieuvision with his parents, Bob and Grace, as a 21 year old. He worked two jobs, one as an apprentice and one a night job. They were looking at starting an investment portfolio together. His parents currently owned one investment property, which they were managing themselves, but wanted help developing a more comprehensive investment plan. The initial consultation identified several ways Bob and Grace could reduce their annual tax bill, immediately adding around $11,000 a year to their income stream. A thorough analysis of their combined financial situations resulted in Nieuvision outlining the best way possible for the three of them to achieve their investment goals. We arranged finance to suit all parties, sourcing the best house for their price point. After successfully negotiating their first investment property purchase, we have since sourced another 2 for Gavin, so by the age of 24 he has two investment properties.

Gavin, Bob & Grace

Investing In Real Estate - Customised Products

We create plans to protect your cashflow such as accessing customised products like our:

✓ .75% home loan

✓ 9 year rent guarantee’s

✓ Tax systems to decrease your weekly tax

✓ 10 year interest only

✓ And much more.

Michelle And Will

Michelle & Will

  • Have an investment home and a rental property
  • Wanted to take their investment portfolio to the next level
  • Realised that it was unlikely that they would be available to manage the properties

Michelle and Will have two properties already – the family home and a rental property which they currently manage. They wanted to take their investment portfolio to the next level and approached Nieuvsion for advice. Our team members thoroughly examined their financial situation and came up with a plan to move them forward in their property goals. There was a large amount of equity accrued between the two properties and this was used in such a way that within 4 months Michelle and Will had managed to purchase a further two properties. They realised that it was unlikely that they would be available to manage these properties themselves, so they employed our property management team to do the hard work for them. They have a plan in place for further investments, and are now excited to see what the future brings.

Michelle & Will

Why Choose Us?

Most brokers and lenders repeatedly seem more concerned about your income than your wealth, and their procedures can dynamically constrain your future prospects.

• Our lenders specialise in investment property and appreciate that you may need to utilise the equity growth in one property to purchase a new one.

• We utilise a financial arrangement precisely intended to maximise wealth-building, short of exposing your home and other assets.

• Each client has access to a Lifestyle Planner to help them set some smart goals and prepare for a comfortable retirement.

• We are here to help you succeed as a confident and smart residential property investor.

• Our Mortgage Management arm (Loan Guides) can help you to refinance your home loan, freeing up your cash flow for investments and wealth building.

• The Loan Guides guarantee is that if you are not happy with our product, we will refinance you for free.



  • Renting in the area that she wanted to live but couldn't afford to buy there
  • Struggling to save enough of a deposit to purchase a property
  • Needed advice to find the right starting point

Nadine was renting a property in an area she wanted to live, but couldn't afford to buy there. She was struggling to save enough of a deposit to purchase a property and needed advice to find the right starting point. Drawing on Nieuvision's experience in property investment, Nadine was able to find the right opportunity to invest in a building property, which also attracted a local government grant and added to her deposit. Nieuvision managed the entire investment process on behalf of Nadine, ensuring that she felt comfortable throughout. Nadine now owns her first tenanted property and is working towards her longer-term plan of adding to her property portfolio and having enough equity to build her dream home.


Our Brands

Loan Guides

We’ve helped SA home owners with over $180 million in home loans. We’re pro’s at finding great deals for first home buyers, home owners and investors, dealing with all the major banks with exclusive deals just for you.

Property Investment Adelaide

We help both Adelaide residents and interstate buyers to invest wisely in the trending Adelaide property market. Our goal is to help you find the perfect investment property for capital growth, rental returns and tax benefits.

NDIS Property Investment

We help investors to buy NDIS properties and generate government-backed high rental yields for 20 years. Our NDIS Property Investment service assists with buying in the right area and at the right price point.

My Variation

My Variation is our tax minimisation service for property investors. We help you pay less tax in your regular pay so that you can get your tax deductions throughout the year, instead of waiting until you do your tax return.

Professionals Modbury

Professionals Modbury is our real estate arm. We have a team of high calibre real estate agents who have a combined 50+ years in real estate and property management and a portfolio of approximately 100 properties.

Adelaide First Home Buyers

Adelaide First Home Buyers was established in 2017 to help Adelaide renters get into their own home. We can help you with all aspects of finance through to property selection, new builds and negotiations with agents.



  • Divorce settlement
  • Two young daughters
  • Wanted to explore measures she could take to provide further stability for her girls' futures

Kerry used money from her divorce settlement to purchase a small house for herself and her two young daughters. She works full-time to support her children, but came to us wanting to explore measures she could take to provide further stability for her girls' futures. She felt that this might be impossible to do with her single source of income. With the $80,000 equity Kerry had in her small home, Nieuvision was able to find a suitable property and she was able to purchase her first investment property for $380,000. Almost as soon as the property was purchased, Nieuvision Property Management found a tenant who signed a twelve month lease to pay $360 per week. Kerry now only needs to pay $50 per week to service the loan. To protect Kerry, Nieuvision also arranged their “Rent Protect” insurance product, ensuring Kerry's loan is covered even if there are no tenants.


Start Your Success Story Today

How do we do this?

We have individual business units that combined create an effective weapon in your financial strategy to reduce your taxes, build your wealth and achieve your dreams.

To get things started, simply take our quiz, see how you are tracking and a team member will help you get to where you are going today, don’t leave it too late because every second counts.



  • Tax and superannuation client
  • Ready to begin building a property portfolio
  • Wants to achieve financial freedom and be able to enjoy life without having to worry if he lost his job

Nieuvision income tax and superannuation client Gavin had saved a substantial deposit and was ready to begin building a property portfolio. Gavin's ambition in property ownership was to achieve financial freedom, and be able to enjoy life without having to worry if he lost his job. Nieuvision provided Gavin with great opportunities to enter the property market by investing in National Rental Affordability Scheme properties. With Nieuvision's support, Gavin has achieved his goals and now owns three investment properties. He is considering purchasing another property in the next six months to extend his portfolio.


Free Mini Courses...

Are you investing in property?

We provide online training, in person and virtual workshops to help you secure your first investment property and beyond.

And we're working hard to bring you a number of high quality resources for home owners and property investors, here's a sneak peek at what we've got so far...

What's Your Magic Number?

Goal Setting For Maximum Success

How To Buy A House: Ultimate Flow Chart & Check List

Tax Deductions Investment Property And Rental Income Tax

What's Your Magic Number?

Goal Setting For Maximum Success

How To Buy A House: Ultimate Flow Chart And Check List

How To Buy A House: Ultimate Flow Chart & Check List

Tax Deductions Investment Property And Rental Income Tax

Greg Nunan
Greg Nunan
Read More
The property management arm of the business is very well lead by Stacey - she's incredibly knowledgeable and does a fantastic job of managing the landlord-tenant relationship. I have been involved with the company for coming up to three years and have found Rick and the team to be a fantastic resource for all areas of accounting, property buying and investment and business advice.
Marie Viant
Marie Viant
Read More
Nieuvision has helped me for 6 years now on property investment, financial advise, loans and property management. You get get a customized service, all transactions are easy and facilitated by a professional and friendly team. They know what they are doing and spend the time to explain it in plain language to non-specialists. Comprehensive service, absolutely recommended.
Michelle Pridham
Michelle Pridham
Read More
From what started as a search for a good income and property tax agent, has become a total overhaul of our current and future financial needs. Don't be fooled by the relaxed demeaner and lack of suits, Nieuvision are very professional yet aren't in it to get rich off clients. Rick and his team treat us like people instead of numbers and cash cows. Offering excellent advice on tax and property investment and all things finance. Can't thank Nieuvision enough for their guidance and ongoing support. Happy customers, Rod and Michelle.
Sandrine Peres
Sandrine Peres
Read More
Amazing experience. Our first investment purchase was seemless and we are very happy with the results!
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez
Read More
Stacey has been phenomenal in finding fantastic tenants as well as keeping me informed regarding my property. Stacey is always responsive in relation to communication and overall I have peace of mind my property is being looked after. I highly recommend her
Jennifer Kulow
Jennifer Kulow
Read More
HIGHLY recommend Stacey as a Property Manager. After having a horrendous experience with a previous agency, Stacey made the transition super easy! She was always super helpful and so easy to communicate with. She really turned my opinion around about having a property manager look after my rental. will definitely be using her again in the future!
John Ericson
John Ericson
Read More
Extremely happy with how my property has been managed by Stacey and the team. My property was rented out within 3 days of the listing going live on The agents even ran an open inspection on a public holiday, proving that they really do go above and beyond for their Landlords. Incredible service.

We Will Help You To Take It Forward To Another Level With A Free Strategy Session

What is a Free Strategy Session all about?

Basically we are going to sit down with you and do a bit of a mind map and a plan to help you improve what you’ve already got.

Everyone’s got a starting base and our job is to try and get you from that starting base to a better end point.

It’s fundamentally important because you’ve started the inertia of actually moving forward and doing something different with your life so now this session can actually help you take it to the next level.

And because we are passionate about giving people back an opportunity we make this session free and complimentary just to try and help you continue going on with your journey.

Why is this important?

Because you’ve made a positive step investing some time into learning and getting some more knowledge from a finance or property perspective and so now is the opportunity to take it forward to another level.

Our experts are here and trained just to talk with you and just flush out where you want to go on your journey.

And whether we help you or not, that’s completely your choice.

So reach out, enter your best contact information to book a Free Strategy Session now!